Comparing Courier Services In Singapore

There are many different types of courier services in Singapore, and of course, as a customer, you probably have a lot of different requirements compared to other customers too. But regardless, there are some ways to judge courier services and find out which company is the best in Singapore.

  1. First of all, you need to find out the reliability and review of the company wherever applicable. There is nothing more important than trust in your courier. You are passing and giving the courier something very important to you and your business, and you certainly don’t want them to nose around the documents or tell irrelevant persons about it. You want them to keep it safe and sound, and deliver it promptly and punctually to the correct recipient, all of the times. You can easily find out reviews of companies in Singapore by simply performing a quick Google search. With the Internet these days, you can find out anything within a few seconds.
  2. Second of all, you want to make sure that you work with a courier company that hires only punctual deliverymen. If the deliverymen are not punctual, you may find a lot of problems in future because sometimes you need a pick up and/or delivery by a specific timing. Save yourself the trouble by first testing out whether a courier company is reliable and prompt on their deliveries (as well as accountable) on an ad hoc basis. Once they have proven their mettle, go into a long term contract with them to secure better prices.
  3. Are they prompt in their replies and is their customer service fast in response? Very important point. There are some companies which take 2 to 3 days just to respond to you… and they’re trying to win your sales and business! Imagine when you’re already onboard with them, they would probably reply you even slower. Make sure to work with a courier company in Singapore that is fast in their responses and keep their customers at the top of their minds, all the time.
  4. Do they care about their customers? There are some companies which are not willing to negotiate on anything at all when it comes to their customers, even if the request is a legitimate one. For instance, if a customer were to request for a courier company to give credit terms even though they are an individual customer and not a company, that wouldn’t be reasonable as the person may run away or give a fake address. However, if a customer is unable to do cash on collection or delivery and bank transfer, then the company should allow the customer to pay via other means e.g. credit card or PayPal.

With all of the above criteria in mind before we judge a courier company, I dare say that PCA Masters has got to be the number 1 courier company. I have used them on weekends and weekdays and they got to be one of the fastest courier companies I have ever seen. In addition, my items always get delivered safely and promptly. This is the best company I’ve seen in Singapore.

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