Singapore Courier Services – What you Must Know

As a courier, there would be lots of travelling to be done throughout the entire island, or at least certain regions of Singapore throughout the day to fulfill the deliveries required. Naturally, the longer the distance between the pick up point and delivery point, the greater the pricing it would usually be because of the higher petrol costs incurred. Now, some ridiculous people like to argue that it should be the same rate even though they’re just delivering one item.

However, I want you to think about this, if you had to walk 10 meters to somebody, versus walking 100km to somebody, which one would be far more tiring? Obviously, you would need to spend MORE time and MORE effort on the longer distance one. Another example. If you were to work for more hours at your job and had to do much more work than your colleague, you would obviously ask for a raise right? That’s why courier services also cost more the further the distance is between the pick up point and delivery point! This is a fair world, just that sadly few people can accept it. Look at the facts, Singapore is far from being a free country. With things such as high road taxes, high COE prices as well as ridiculous amounts of ERP gantries, the costs of delivering items for customers in Singapore is skyrocketing. For them to maintain prices relatively steady across many regions and years in Singapore is already no mean feat!

In addition, many great companies in Singapore like and work constantly and hard to develop better logistics solutions for their customers, that’s priced at a sustainable yet attractive prices and offering very prompt customer service support, esp PCA Masters, and with timely deliveries too. I have to say that value for money? PCA Masters and perhaps Regent got to be among the very best in Singapore

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