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I Love Traveling But I Use Courier Services

I simply love traveling, as you might have already guessed long ago from my website’s name. However, I simply hate traveling for the sake of delivering an item in Singapore. It just sucks. Here’s why.

Let’s face it, if private transportation (e.g. cars) were as cheap as public transportation in Singapore, no one would ever take public transportation again. However, the gap between private and public transportation in Singapore seems very big. First, it would be the vast gap in the difference between the pricing. Secondly, it would be the vast difference in feeling (e.g. riding the train versus sitting in luxury). This affects me whenever I think about traveling for the sake of delivering documents / parcels / items / e.t.c.

What I love about traveling is driving along the country road, looking out into the vast ocean, looking into the mountains and driving at the speed limit on the highway, it gives me a great feeling…. not cooped up in some container! Disgusting. This is made worse if the purpose of traveling is only to pass a single item to a customer or someone – and especially worse if it’s not urgent…

Thankfully, there is such a thing as courier services and I would be able to engage courier services for myself if I need to hand deliver an item without even opening my gate. How amazing is that. Well, there are lots of renowned international freight companies like Fedex and UPS, but local courier companies in SG are less talked about. Nonetheless, there are lots of good courier companies in Singapore. Examples of these companies I have ever used before are PCA Masters, Ixpress 647.