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I Love Traveling But I Use Courier Services

I simply love traveling, as you might have already guessed long ago from my website’s name. However, I simply hate traveling for the sake of delivering an item in Singapore. It just sucks. Here’s why.

Let’s face it, if private transportation (e.g. cars) were as cheap as public transportation in Singapore, no one would ever take public transportation again. However, the gap between private and public transportation in Singapore seems very big. First, it would be the vast gap in the difference between the pricing. Secondly, it would be the vast difference in feeling (e.g. riding the train versus sitting in luxury). This affects me whenever I think about traveling for the sake of delivering documents / parcels / items / e.t.c.

What I love about traveling is driving along the country road, looking out into the vast ocean, looking into the mountains and driving at the speed limit on the highway, it gives me a great feeling…. not cooped up in some container! Disgusting. This is made worse if the purpose of traveling is only to pass a single item to a customer or someone – and especially worse if it’s not urgent…

Thankfully, there is such a thing as courier services and I would be able to engage courier services for myself if I need to hand deliver an item without even opening my gate. How amazing is that. Well, there are lots of renowned international freight companies like Fedex and UPS, but local courier companies in SG are less talked about. Nonetheless, there are lots of good courier companies in Singapore. Examples of these companies I have ever used before are PCA Masters, Ixpress 647.

Finding A Courier Services Provider In Singapore

If you have not worked with a courier company in Singapore before and are not sure what to do to find a good one or engage their services, then here are some advice for you.

– Chances are if you have many important documents to be delivered e.g. to the bank or another company frequently, then it’s important to work with a company that provides successful delivery notification to your business. This is important because you want accountability especially when it comes to crucial and very important documents to your business (e.g. your worker’s passports or some legal documents). You don’t want to have to manually track with the courier company, any good Singapore courier should notify you upon successful receipt by the intended recipient. This leaves you free to do the important things and not having to worry about the delivery status and constantly checking.

– You want a company which is responsive and speedy in their customer service support. You’re dealing with mostly important documents when it comes to engaging courier services. Some companies reply forever after they’ve gotten your business. Make sure to engage and work with courier companies which are always responsive throughout the working day. This is important if you have a high volume of highly important documents being couriered islandwide.

– There should always be a clear breakdown of the prices that you need to pay for the courier services you need. Some companies are not transparent, while others are. Look for the courier companies which properly account for the prices they charge you. This is because there are couriers which quote randomly according to their wishes and not according to a fixed method, and this can usually result in lots of hidden charges being pushed towards you. Make sure to work with an honest courier company.

In conclusion, follow the above steps and advice, and you’ll do just fine.

Delivery Companies And Logistics

If you have not worked within a delivery company, you might never know how it really is within a delivery company during the holiday seasons. I will try to share with you how it really is. All I can tell you is that it’s absolutely crazy.

You can check out the above video if you prefer watching a video. For those that prefer reading like me, then simply, read on.

First of all, especially during the Christmas season, there is an insane amount of gifting done all around the world, including Singapore. In fact, Christmas is seen as a general holiday and gifting season rather than something religious, which is why it is also celebrated in many Chinese countries like Singapore and China as well. There is a sharp spike in gifting this period of time, as well as people buying gifts for themselves. This means that there would be an extremely large volume spike for that 2 weeks of gifting season. It would not make sense for delivery companies to hire that many people during off peak seasons or they would be making less profits or perhaps even a loss. Therefore, many delivery companies actually hire part timers and temporary staff during these periods of extremely high volume.

Because many delivery companies hire lots of temporary staff during these holiday periods like Christmas, these are not people who are very experienced with performing deliveries. They would also have to deal with the busiest time of the year. All these combined actually results in a lot of confusion among many employees, especially the temporary staff and the full time employees who are in charge of supervising these part timers. It can be a complete mess. Additionally, delivery companies would still need to deliver all the items on time. This means that everyone within the company would be under tremendous stress and still need to execute everything to order. This requires much more than discipline and work ethics. It requires a delivery company with a deep knowledge of supply chain management before they can pull this off effectively. It almost feels like a supply chain management stunt.

If you have been to any delivery companies in Singapore or around the world during gifting seasons, you would be shocked by the amount of deliveries required within the span of 1 to 2 weeks. Usually, hundreds of millions of packages and billions of dollars worth of products would need to be delivered within these 7 to 14 days!!! Freaking amazing.

Insights into a typical day of a Singapore logistics staff

Some people asked me to provide more details on the logistics careers in Singapore after reading my previous post. Hence, I created this post just to answer that. As I mentioned in my previous post, there are different job scopes in the logistics industry. For example, you can be working as a courier, an office admin or operational staff, or a sales personnel in a logistics company in Singapore.

I shall go in depth about the various job scopes so that you can visualize the typical day of each of the three different logistics personnel in Singapore.

There are two different delivery jobs available for couriers – ad-hoc goods delivery and bulk goods delivery. Depending on the nature of the delivery service the courier is fulfilling, the courier will report to different places every morning. If the courier is handling ad-hoc goods delivery, the courier will just hang around a specific region in Singapore, waiting for the courier company to allocate him delivery jobs. Upon receipt of the first courier delivery job, the courier will then head off to the pick up location to pick up the goods and deliver it. This process will repeat for subsequent receipt of courier delivery jobs from the courier company. If the courier is handling bulk goods delivery, the courier will head to the courier company’s warehouse in the morning to pick up the goods. After which, he will proceed to carry out all the deliveries throughout the day in one shot. He will not have to receive delivery instructions or jobs for the day from the courier company anymore after he collected the parcels.

Office admin / operational staff
The job scope of an office admin / operational staff in the logistics industry is very fast-paced. Not only will the staff need to attend to customer inquiries, the staff will also need to coordinate the confirmed delivery jobs and allocate them to the couriers. As an admin / operational staff, you can expect to be busy throughout the entire day. If you want this role, you will need to be meticulous while being able to absorb information quickly.

Sales Personnel
The job scope of a sales personnel in the logistics industry is similar to that of a sales personnel in other industries. Sales personnel share the same skills and traits to succeed regardless of the industries they are in – soft skills, high emotional intelligence, and a hardworking attitude. The typical day of a sales personnel consists of client prospecting, appointment setting, and negotiations.

You will need to know your own strengths and weaknesses and determine the best job for yourself.

Career In Singapore Logistics Industry?

Are you exploring a career in Singapore’s logistics industry? There are lots of opportunities for you if that is your goal. This is because Singapore is well known to be a regional logistics hub, and therefore many companies set up their logistics businesses’ headquarters in Singapore.

First of all, you need to decide if you are looking for an executive job or any kind of job in the logistics industry. If you’re looking for executive jobs, the best bet would be with an international logistics company like Fedex or DHL. This is because they have highly established corporate offices around the world, and that they need executives managing people and overseeing overall operations. If you want an office job in the Singapore logistics industry, join such a company.

If you’re not necessarily searching for an executive job, then there are lots of options for your career in the logistics industry in Singapore. There are lots of full time as well as part time jobs in Singapore.

One of the most common part time jobs in Singapore is actually a courier job. As more businesses set up their presence in Singapore and more E-commerce companies pop up, the demand for courier services have been on the rapid rise in Singapore. This spells great news for job seekers in this industry. Many courier companies like PCA Masters are constantly on the lookout for drivers and riders delivering documents and parcels for their customers. Due to ever prospering businesses and a strong economy, businesses in Singapore have an ever increasing need for document delivery as well as cheque collection e.t.c. With all these requirements, there is no doubt that you can find a job as a part time courier in Singapore.

Another good career path in Singapore which is not in an executive role is actually in the sales development position. There are lots of logistics company in Singapore which always want increase in sales. If you can sell, you can definitely find a job in the logistics industry in Singapore. This is especially the case if you are willing to work on a full commission basis. The logistics companies in Singapore will always want a talented, hardworking and ambitious salesperson who can get results. This is an interesting role as you will be dealing with mostly large businesses with high volume requirements if you are trying to land a big fat commission cheque.

In summary, there are lots of different careers that you can pursue, and they are all within the logistics industry in SG. Explore a career in logistics, and you would be pleasantly surprised and enjoy the challenges that it can bring you compared to a typical career in a bank or finance sector.