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Delivery Companies And Logistics

If you have not worked within a delivery company, you might never know how it really is within a delivery company during the holiday seasons. I will try to share with you how it really is. All I can tell you is that it’s absolutely crazy.

You can check out the above video if you prefer watching a video. For those that prefer reading like me, then simply, read on.

First of all, especially during the Christmas season, there is an insane amount of gifting done all around the world, including Singapore. In fact, Christmas is seen as a general holiday and gifting season rather than something religious, which is why it is also celebrated in many Chinese countries like Singapore and China as well. There is a sharp spike in gifting this period of time, as well as people buying gifts for themselves. This means that there would be an extremely large volume spike for that 2 weeks of gifting season. It would not make sense for delivery companies to hire that many people during off peak seasons or they would be making less profits or perhaps even a loss. Therefore, many delivery companies actually hire part timers and temporary staff during these periods of extremely high volume.

Because many delivery companies hire lots of temporary staff during these holiday periods like Christmas, these are not people who are very experienced with performing deliveries. They would also have to deal with the busiest time of the year. All these combined actually results in a lot of confusion among many employees, especially the temporary staff and the full time employees who are in charge of supervising these part timers. It can be a complete mess. Additionally, delivery companies would still need to deliver all the items on time. This means that everyone within the company would be under tremendous stress and still need to execute everything to order. This requires much more than discipline and work ethics. It requires a delivery company with a deep knowledge of supply chain management before they can pull this off effectively. It almost feels like a supply chain management stunt.

If you have been to any delivery companies in Singapore or around the world during gifting seasons, you would be shocked by the amount of deliveries required within the span of 1 to 2 weeks. Usually, hundreds of millions of packages and billions of dollars worth of products would need to be delivered within these 7 to 14 days!!! Freaking amazing.