Traveling And Courier Services In Singapore

Despite Singapore’s tiny size, traveling around in Singapore can still be quite a hassle. Just ask anybody who has taken the public transport (it doesn’t travel slowly, but it has too many stops!) or driven around the central business district during peak hours. You would need to spend a ridiculous amount of time getting stuck in traffic or squeeze within 1000 other people on the train or 100 other people on the bus. In any case, you would be better off spending that time working or simply resting at home.

That is why there are courier companies like PCA Singapore which have come up to deal with these inefficiencies for traveling in Singapore. If you were to engage courier services, depending on your requirements, they would have a large fleet of motorcyclists, car or van drivers who would be able to deliver your items from point A to point B.

One of the biggest customers of courier companies and courier services are actually busy executives and managers who have much more profitable things to do than pass one document to another colleague. Take for example a doctor who needs to see patients throughout his or her day. If he or she were to take one hour (to and fro) to perform his or her delivery, he or she might have lost hundreds of dollars in revenue! That is a lot of money to be giving up for nothing. This is because courier services in SG can do it much more efficiently and in a timely manner as well.

There are also companies such as E-commerce businesses and wholesalers which need to distribute large volumes of product each time in an efficient manner. However, doing it themselves can be costly due to high vehicle rental and leasing fees in Singapore. Therefore, simply engaging a courier company is a better solution for most of these companies. You may try to deliver the items by yourself, however one big issue for most E-commerce, retailer and wholesaler business owners in Singapore is that they may know their product and business really well, but not Singapore roads. This could mean that you would be losing a lot of time on the roads, even with GPS set. This is because GPS is lag sometimes, and if you missed any turn, you might need to make a big loop to get back to the correct recipient location.

In a nutshell, traveling in Singapore can be a real chore, not because of the distance, but because of the constantly heavy traffic everywhere.

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