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How To Put A Suitcase

Tourist Councils If you're flying for the first time.Traffic regulations. How to put things in a suitcase

This article is mainly intended for those who travel abroad for the first time. A step-by-step statement of conduct at the airport.

Before you travel, you have to decide clearly that you will take the form of a handwritten airplane and put it in the baggage. In the baggage, you can turn 20 kilograms, take five kilograms of man on the plane.

Look in detail.

There's a need to know the rules for the carriage of objects in the manual storage.

Aircraft liquids regulations

правила провоза жидостей в самолете

According to safety requirements, passengers are allowed to take a small quantity of liquid in manual storage, provided that they are stored in individual receptacles with a maximum volume of 100 ml each. Passengers shall pack these receptacles in one transparent, convertible plastic bag with a total liquid content of not more than 1 litres per person. In addition, passengers must bring all the liquids carried to safety personnel at inspection points. As the rules apply to liquids transported only in hand packs, passengers can still pack liquids in bags and bags in bags. Medical preparations and food products, including child meals, required during the flight, may be carried in manual storage without being sealed in special plastic bags, but passengers may be asked to justify their need. Passengers can still buy perfume liquids on board the plane and Duty Free at the airport. Here, liquids will be packed in two-litre bags showing signs of unauthorized autopsy, which are not recommended to be opened before inspection to avoid confiscation. These liquids are additional volumes to those to be packed in re sealed plastic bags. The list of liquids includes: water and other beverages, soups and syrups; crems, lotions and oils; spirits, sprays; helium, including hair and body heliums; contents of sealed containers, including razor foams, other foams and deodorants; pastes, including dental shepherds, similar; retches;

The following things should be taken into the manual store:

(1) documents-all! Don't put in the baggage, vouchers, insurance, etc. All the documents you need to travel with you.

(2) necessary drugs

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