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How To Put The Suitcase Right

Чемодан для поездкиContents:

As you travel, first of all, consider your actions to collect a suitcase on the road and draw attention to the following points:

Think about where you're going.

Before you start trying to put half the wardrobe in the suitcase, think about the weather that you prefer. Could there be a need for special clothing or equipment to use laundry services?

Choose a suitable suitcase model

The suitcase model will depend on you getting to the destination. The hard-wall container is more suitable for extreme travel, including uncomfortable conditions at relocations, but the soft-wall model will be ideally suitable for size rest. If you travel in a car, the perfect option is a sports bag (whether wheels or not) that can easily be placed in the car's luggage compartment.

Think how often you plan to use the suitcase.

Frequent and practical suitcases will be the best way for frequent travel, and soft suitcases are the best option for those who travel fairly rarely.

Meet information on the airline website.

Specify airline regulations by weight and baggage dimensions. Many carriers impose large fines overweight, and their weight and size restrictions may differ. If the allowable weight of baggage is too small, the perfect choice will be a light and compact suitcase. And if you weigh the baggage on your own before you leave, you can get rid of the disturbances and avoid the extra waste.Выбор подходящей модели чемодана Attention should also be drawn to the restrictions on the dimensions of bags or suitcases that can be taken with them to the plane.

Choose a suitcase based on the length of your journey.

Short-term trips may not waste time waiting for luggage on the transporter's ribbon: the best way to pick a light suitcase that will fit into the plane.

The weight and manoeuvrability of baggage matter

If the baggage comes in weight, take the suitcase on the wheels. In no case, you don't carry heavy things in your shoulder belt bag! If you have several moves during your journey (from one hotel or airport to another) and you have a lot of things, the best choice is a four-wheeled suitcase (spinner) capable of maximizing manoeuvrability and ease in moving.

When you choose a suitcase, think about his contents.

When transporting fragile things, stop your choice on a suitcase in a solid building that will give them maximum protection.

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