Как на самом деле стоит

How To Put Things In A Suitcase

Every traveler, on a business trip or a vacation, takes a set of clothes with him. Before you start packing the suitcase, ask the weather at the destination. So you can understand what you have to take with you, and without what you can do.

It's most convenient to travel things from tissues that aren't very small (containing viscosis and elastan, for example). It's better not to fold these clothes, but to twist. The scrubbed stuff should be put on the bottom of the suitcase and the packed up.

If you drive shoes that might lose shape, put it in the socket. But every shoe will turn the bag so he doesn't get his clothes. Put your shoes in the best of all the way across the suitcase.

Useful advice♪ If the clothes are still blurry and the cliff is not in hand, you're gonna have to put things in the bathroom of the hotel when you take a shower. Warehouse moisture can break up on your own, or you'll unfettered them with your hand. The exception is the clothes from the lung tissue, which way you're not gonna help.

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