How To Put Things In A Suitcase With A Video

Типы юбок и брюкPurchasing a new garderob object, we usually want them to serve as long as possible, not tired, and not to occupy many places in the wardrobe, the dressing room or any other place where this thing is to be. And if anyone can extend the life of clothing, it is impossible for them to be compact. The secret is how to put things right, because that's the kind of knowledge that helps many masters save the place.

How do you put skirts?

Perhaps most of the women of the beautiful sex would be interested in knowing how to shave the skirts properly. Of course, every skirt, if it permits a place, can be put on a separate hanger, but we are now interested in more practical and compact storage options.

Much better will be done as follows:

  1. Put the skirt in half;
  2. Turn the skirt into a tight roll;
  3. Take out where you need to.

This method will be user-friendly for routine skirt storage and travel when the skirt has to be removed in a suitcase or bag so that it doesn't lick.

What about the socks?

If wearing T-shirts or silk blouses is a matter of taste, then socks are a piece of clothing that's in the harborobe of everyone. Men and women, boys and girls all use socks. And, alas, not everyone knows how to properly and carefully fold them. There is a method used by the other grandmothers to take two socks and one of them to tie both.Сложенное поло The way is good, but it should be improved.

  1. We take both socks.
  2. Fill the part where there is no rubber (where there are fingers in the sock) to the fifth.
  3. One of the socks is rotating both socks so that the pieces are fixed.
  4. This whole fist is taken to its intended location.

Стопка сложенных джинсовWhat's the fate of the jampers, shirts, shirts and blouses?

In the wardrobe, the vast majority of people, regardless of their sex, have something with a long sleeve: scrolls, jampers, sweaters, shirts, polo and many other objects. They also need to be kept carefully and compactly.

It's best to fold the things just opened up, which is why we recommend that the process be started from the glazing and cooling of the clothes.

  1. All buttons are stacked on the shirt and then placed on the face (where buttons) down.
  2. The edges of the shirts are scrubbed.
  3. The pens are straightened perpendicular to the main part, then the manges coincide with the lower edge of the shirt.
  4. The lower part is formed with the sleeves in half.
  5. The folded shirt turns the cratom down and lies where it is assigned.
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