упаковать вещи в чемодан

Put A Lot Of Things In The Bag

Before you start running around the house and throwing anything into the suitcase that goes under your hand and shows at least remotely useful on vacation, take a deep breath and give up on that idea. Before there's a first thing in the suitcase, they all have to be, like, on the bed. Get everything you're planning on taking, put it in the same place, you're awful. You sure you don't need that much stuff? This is not a very clever way to help you reduce the amount of unnecessary junk you would otherwise take with you by at least a third. And only after there's things on the bed that you can't do without, you can start packing.

Rule number two, don't take too much clothes.

All people on the ground are divided into those who can plan voluntarily and those who can't make themselves plan, even when they're trying very hard. However, even the smallest and unfaithful plan would help to avoid major mistakes, the main one being the absolute majority of people taking more than they really needed. This leads to overpaying for baggage, the suitcase weighs more of the owner of the suitcase, all the clothes come on the cake. And every time you like some new souvenir, you have to think not only about paying so much for him, but how to get him to the house, because you've already come with such a busy suitcase that to lock him up, he had to sit on it first.

We all forget that rest is not in the middle of the jungle; there are stores where we're going, and at the very least (which almost never stands) cheap one-time clothes can be bought on the spot.

How do you figure out how much clothes you need on a trip? Very simple.

Belle: How many days are you going? That's a lot of laundry you need, no more.

Hands, coffins, dresses: The total number shall be equal to the number of days of leave minus one (on the day of arrival and departure, the same may be applied).

Shats and jeans: on average, they need exactly twice as much as the cat and shirts.

Shoe: Two pairs of comfortable shoes (in which one can fly) plus one pair of day-to-day shoes in case of foreseeable and contingencies to a decent place.

Space: stop. Don't take everything. At least. And remember that the liquids will have to go into the baggage.

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