Put The Jacket In The Suitcase

Изображение с названием Fold a Suit for Travel Step 1


Part 1

How to put the jacket down.
  1. Smash and squeeze the suit before the trip. Although costume tech will prevent the appearance of lipsticks on clothing during the trip, it's powerless about the debris and wrinkles that are already on the clothes. To make sure that your suit is perfect, put it in a dry cleaner at least a week before you travel and make sure it was cleaned and cleaned.
    • If you don't have much time, you can smooth the suit yourself. If that's true, make sure you've done a good job with the jacket, you can hide the lipsticks everywhere but the imaginaries.
  2. Turn the jacket. Turn the jacket tissue in such a way that its lining is outside. It'll protect the exterior tissue of the jacket, and now if the jacket's locked somewhere, the wrinkles will be inside when you wear it.
  3. Изображение с названием Fold a Suit for Travel Step 2Turn the jacket off, cut his shoulders. Then, when you put your hand in, get your shoulder out. With the shoulders turned up, it's much easier to fold a suit - if you don't fix it, you're gonna have to break your head with the plugs.
  4. Put your jacket down. Take both shoulders in one hand, and the other hand grab the jacket behind the middle of the collar. So you'll put the jacket in length. Send the jacket tissue after the folding, the lining is still outside.
  5. Put your jacket on the ground. Put the jacket in half through the elbow. You'll get a square cross that's easy. Put it in the suitcase.
  6. Put your jacket in a polyethylene bag. To protect your suit in your suitcase, logically put it in a separate package. Pack the square cross in a large polyethylene bag (such as a dry cleaner bag or a lightning bag). Closely seal the bag. If you don't have a package, use a solid polyethylene leaf. Put your packed jacket in the middle of the leaf and turn the edges.
    • If you use a plastic bag, leave some air in the jacket bag.Изображение с названием Fold a Suit for Travel Step 3 He'll prevent a strong leaping of the jacket with other clothes that could lead to a warehouse.
  7. Put the packed jacket in the suitcase. Try to keep the jacket as straight as possible and not push it. In order to reduce the warehouse, put the jacket on top of the jacket only smoothly packed. Don't put heavy or incorrect items on the jacket.
  8. Pack your jacket on your arrival at the destination. When you arrive at your destination, you need to take all the steps described back. Get out of the suitcase of the clothes that were put on the top of the jacket, open the bag, remove the jacket horizontally and vertically and turn it out. The deposit must be a little bit. To kill them, put the jacket on the tramp.
    • If there's strong wrinkles, try to hang the jacket in the bathroom. When you take a shower, warm and steam will soften the tissue and help you smash the wrinkles.
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