чемодан сложенную рубашку

Put The Shirt Suitcase

We'll tell you how carefully to put a two-week stock of things even in the smallest suitcase.

Start the package after you took the necessary and cleaned everything you had intended to take " in case " . It doesn't matter how many things in the bag, if you're wasting your time looking for the right thing, and then bringing your baggage into the old view, your things are wrong.

There are several best ways of packing:

  • The packing of booths is an ideal option to save a place if things are tritage or small. In the suitcase so packed, it is easy to find the necessary.
  • Use the subscriptions: try to put blouses and shirts on a rigid substrate, such as a magazine or plastic file, and hide in a stiff bag. By the way, the black paper-wrapped office cotton saucers aren't nearly a minute.
  • Packaging in your pockets: If the volume pockets correspond to your personal style, leave a small roadbag at home.
  • The paper is good for soft bags. It creates things from the perimeter of the bag like a stationary pillow without letting the contents mush. It's not only a tricotage and a little garment, but also blouses, jackets, skirts. Put the underwear in the center with your socks or a cosmetics.
  • The packing of " big pie " is a great way not to take it too much: first, we're more, then less important. Everything that didn't fit stays at home! The variety of " big pie " is a technique that protects things from the debris: by putting clothes in a half-empty bag, you wear tight and thin, for example, first put jean shorts, top of the silk brace, followed by a tight shirt, then a thin cut, etc. This is an ideal way for those who travel on mission, but can't force themselves to move the layers of removable paper.
  • Five-level packing system - top down:

First level - what might be urgently needed on a trip: cultivating medicine, books, headphones, socks, warm things.

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