Как собрать чемодан в

Put The Suitcase On A Trip

Как собрать чемодан на отдыхWe're starting to make fun of one important thing. How can you bring all the necessary baggage with you? I mean, how do we get a suitcase on vacation? Putting things away, toiletries and documents would be totally wrong. We have to take into account that the castle will not be closed in that case. And even if you've been able to shut down the construction once (home by housewives), it's impossible to repeat this trick on the road. Read some tips so that the situation doesn't become dramatic.

How to pack a suitcase at sea

How to pack a suitcase on vacation.

Nice cotton is waiting for us tourists when we collect the suitcase at sea. The list of " values " is difficult to display on two sides of the leaflet.Как собрать чемодан в коммандировку Now, I'd like to know how to put it properly... to store. In a rectangular surgeon on wheels, it's the duty to fit all of them - tickets, solar glasses, tablets, charges (for a computer motto and telephone), towels, a few sock shifts and underwear, another set of clothes, warm coffee, pharmacy, haircuts, toiletries. You can't forget the manicure set, the spirits and the hygienic bags (if you're a woman) and the selphi-palka (if you like to take pictures of yourself).

What if something doesn't fit? You're crazy! So now there's another question, how do you get a suitcase at sea?

The answer is that many toiletries should be bought on arrival. There's no need for soap and sunshine on the plane. Packing a suitcase at sea without work can be as follows. Put your stuff in the rollers instead of folding. You're gonna get a little less room for this. Well, as long as the tubes are expensive, you have to take the ones that aren't more than 100 million. Then you can get them into any voids of your roadblock. You got sneakers or shoes? All right, put your socks and panties in. Why keep the place safe? It is recommended that a suitcase be packed at sea, buying houses only with expensive sunscreen. The towels and towels are almost everywhere.

Don't take the little papers at all, scan them and put them in the phone. All we need is data.

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