The Poetry Is Ready For The Bag Of The Sofa

The lady was giving in the bags of Diwan, Camodan, Sakvoyage, Cartina, Cartonku and a little dog. They gave the lady at the station four green receipts about the luggage: Diwan, Chamodan, Sacvoyage, Kartina, Korzina, Cartonca and a little dog. Things go to the perronus. They're in the open car. Ready. Got baggage: Diwan, Chamberlain, Sacvoyage, Cartina, Cartonca and Little Dog. But the call came out, took the puppy out of the car. Grab on Station Dno: Lost one place. Dyvan, Chamodan, Sakvoyage, Cartina, Cartonca... - Comrades! Where's the dog? They can see if the wheels have a huge dripped sludge. They caught him in the baggage, Toda, where the savage was lying, Kartina, Korzina, Cartonca, where there was a dog. They came to the city of Gitomir. Number 15, number 15, on the cart, baggage, Diwan, Chamodan, Sakvoyage, Kartina, Cartonku, and the back is a dog. The dog's gonna bury, and the barn will scream: Thieves! Bastards! The dog is the wrong breed! She broke her suitcase, Nogoy drank the couch, Cartina, Cartonku... - Give me my dog! - May I, Mother? At the station, according to the luggage receipt, you got luggage from Diwan, Chamodan, Sacvoyage, Cartina, Cartonca and a little dog. But at the time of the Sobaka Mogla journey, grow up!

♪ Where'd you eat? - In the zoo at the beasts. I've had lunch before the lion's bars. I got attached to the lisa. The mortuary was drinking water. Eat carrots at the elephant. There was a dog eating with the bug. I've been waiting at the sock, and I've eaten a little bit. I've been to the pier at the tailed kangaroo. He was at a dinner party at a nun bear. And the toothbrush didn't swallow me.

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