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The Suitcase Put The Shoes

If you want to take on vacation all the things you see in the apartment in case, "What if... "if the suitcase doesn't close, and you only put on evening clothes, if you don't lift the bag yourself, you need to know a few rules that are known to any experienced traveller.

1. Make a list. Separate it into several counts: necessary (documents, passports, money, tickets), clothing, shoes, cosmetics, technicians, etc. Then critically reread it and erase what you can't do without.

2. The documents and the necessary things (salphets, tual paper, the drugs you take regularly) put them in such a way as to get them quickly. Separate the money, let them lie in different places, it'll help avoid stealing.

3. The shoes put on the bottom of the suitcase in separate bags. Don't take a few pairs of similar shoes. Minimize repetition, choose multifunctional things. The same goes for clothes. Try to take into account all weather options, time of day. Suffice to take a couple of T-shirts, shorts, trousers, skirts, a few socks, slacks, shoes, comfortable closed shoes without tours, dress, wind and sweater. If you're going south, don't forget your head, sunshine and bathing suit.

4. Mandatory stuff goes after shoes, then pants and skirts. The hand of the blouse is the letter "U." The clothes are the best to turn "roletics" down, so you'll put more things down, maybe they won't be smoothed because there's no debris.

5. "Hod" stuff is better to buy houses: sun cream, loco and swimsuit salon will cost the resort more than the next supermarket.

6. If you're taking food, you should give up perishable sausages, vegetables, salads, heavy cannons. It's easier to buy than to drag on or suffer from poisoning on the road.

7. Gather the kit. You may need the following: leukolaster, green or iodine, activated coal, aspirin, analgin (or what you normally take to remove the pain). You'll have to take the drugs you regularly take if you have any diseases (alergy, diabetes, etc.)

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