Best Rest

The opportunity to rest in the country at any time of the year is valued by most tourists. But there's no one who knows where round-trip is best. In this article, we will bring the top of the top 10 countries of the best vacation.

1. Brazil

In all the major cities of Brazil, such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, it is possible to enjoy a great year of rest. In addition, coastal resorts, such as Pipa and Natal in the north-east of the country, have high demand. Well, naturally, if you have enough money, you have to go to a resort called Buzios near Rio de Janeiro, which once struck Bridget Bardo.

2. Indonesia

In Indonesia, it is possible to find everything for a great vacation - beaches surrounded by palms, cities with a large number of shops for any taste, luxury hotels and hotels, and a fairly low cost of living. Bali is Indonesia ' s most beautiful island, which has a rest year round: at any season the average annual air temperature is 26 degrees of heat.

3. Morocco

Rest in Morocco is diverse. Here you will find great beaches and a lot of historical virtues. Weather conditions here also allow rest every season. The Government of Morocco had established a State strategy, Vision 2010, which should result in an increase in the number of recreational persons to 10 million per year.

4. Egypt

Egypt remains a loving place of rest for Ukrainian and Russian tourists. Plus, it's a year-round temperature, always a great sea with an amazing underwater world, all that attracts the rest. Tourism revenues were a pillar of Egypt ' s budget, and his Government was therefore endeavouring to develop tourism infrastructure at the highest level. However, during the 2011 season, many hotels paid for tourist flights. ♪ ♪

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