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You'd like to avoid the fuss of popular resorts, the lack of free beach seats and the price of the beach. In addition, this year, many Rossians are increasingly difficult to take on vacation in the euro zone and long-range exoduses, so we decided to offer you alternatives to summer leave, budget best and tourist popularity. As long as the tickets can still be found at a good price, decide where you're going to rest!

Low-cost visa-free resorts

Budwa (Montenegro)

If you're wondering, where to go In July, to Europe, but without a visa, go to the main resort of Montenegro. You can find everything you want! A bright night and athletic day, noisy old city and secluded monasteries, long sand beaches and cozy galaxies, emerald hills and hinged rocks leaving the seaside.

Batumi (Georgia)

His long beach is called differently as Batumi Beach, because it's the brightest and fashion resort of the Black Sea. There's a great "Europe" service here, combined with a luminous East Colorite. The nightclubs are DJs from around the world, and the restaurants run a famous Georgian kitchen ball. The old ones in Batumi, however, also have: the fences and mosques, the ancient towers and the fortresses.

Gagra (Abhazia)

Abkhazia is a green black sea coast, breathing wholesale air, and Gagra is the main balneological resort, where thermal waters are also used to rehabilitate tourists. Natural therapy trusts lasure sea waters, endless beaches and amazing sunset! If it's not enough for you to go to the severe mountains of the Caucasus up to Lake Ritz, visit the cozy Novoaphon monastery or just walk on Gagra.

Lake Sevan (Armenia)

This direction is ideal for those who are tired of standard resorts and crowds of tourists who fall in love with the mountains and do not carry summer heat. Sevan's shores always reign the atmosphere of appeasement and unity with nature, and local restaurants make a great gray fish, combining it with the meals of the Armenian kitchen. Curriculum rest is worth painting a trip along the living areas: to the dried volcanoes and lakes in their craters, to ancient temples and monasteries.

Flying rest in Russia
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