Как отдыхать в Египте

How To Rest In An Egg

Rest and tourism in Egypt. The councils of the old, what do you want to go to see in Egypt? Security, entertainment, kitchen, tour. A bright picture and a video about Egypt.

Rest in Egypt is one of the most popular tourists from different countries. The homeland of the Pharaohs gives to its guests the lazour depth of the Mediterranean, the rich underwater world of the eastern coast, the sands of the Safag, the beautiful oases in the desert, the unique Valley of the Nile River, the world ' s oldest architectural and cultural monuments, the museums with the best collections, the national kitchen, the entertainment of any taste and the repetition of the cities. This diversity, combined with eternal summers, lack of visa formalities, low prices and decent services, and creates a solar image.

Where to rest

First of all, Egypt is a recreation on numerous beaches on the northern and eastern coasts of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, respectively. Egyptian resorts are attracting a large number of tourists, which is a good choice. Usually, the choice is made in favour of hotels located on the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea coast. The most famous vacation places are Hurdada and Sharm el-Sheikh.

Rest in Egypt with children

Families with children and older persons are encouraged by the Jurgagagaga, as the beaches are here, unlike the Sharm el-Sheikh booth, sand not only on the shore but also in the coastal zone, leaning to water, and tourism prices are lower. However, new hotels in Hurgad, opened after the adoption of the Red Sea Flora and Fauna Act, will be able to offer only coral beaches where bathing is possible only with bridges, pontoons and special shoes.

Rest in Egypt
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