Leave Clothing

Long leave is getting closer and closer? Congratulations, very soon, rest, new pleasant impressions and discoveries. All this needs to be prepared in advance: to describe the route and cultural programme, to book the number if necessary, to arrange for the rental of a car, and to think of a wardrobe.

In the wardrobe, reasonable minimism must prevail. Verh, bottom and accessories should be combined. Then you'll look new every day with a small number of things. Let's see what we should take for a few weeks.

Universal " bottom "

The vacation will be warm, so the bottom is picking up. It's good to have a runaway or bright chinos. It's even better to be running and bright. First of all, it's a great choice to go to the tour or walk around town, and secondly, you can go to the club or walk on the coast.

The cinos must be light. So you're not going to get hot, and you're also gonna make these trousers harder. Fason's better to choose straight. We'll turn the trousers 5 cm above the petals. If you're a little tall, turn your pants down.

The shorts are another great vacation clothes. But it is necessary to carefully consider the choice of the model: not to choose too short or too long short. The optimum length is from the middle to the knee. The most universal are shorts. In fact, it's a short version of chinos-brook. The same shades, the same advantages: coming to everything is perfect for the summer!

You can pick jean shorts. Direct calm or free cream, lack of extravagantness like a hole, creative paints or paybacks, classic shades would make jean tissue shorts a universal " bottom " for leave, more informal than short chinos.

Light Up

The chinos shorts are perfectly matched by sports shirts with stacked sleeves, polo and T-shirts. The last two are also well suited under the jean option. So you can take 3-4 T-shirts/semi and 2-3 shirts. A minimum of nine sets will be available from this set.

Module is a geometric print, an ornament print, and a flower for the bravest. It's better to choose a classic geometry: a cage, a stylish little peas. For one-ton options, stop on light tone models. Module is a refugee, olive green, yellow and summer classic, white. The white blue shirt looks great to the chinos with a smooth de facto, and the white bat juice is a great combination of shorts from the lion.

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