Летний отпуск на море


Record the codes with the Romcore packages and secure 50 roubles on the phone and take part in iPhone 6S, travel and refrigerator with an annual stock of products!

Conditions of stock

  1. Buy Romcore in stock packages with stock symbols;
  2. Find a 12-digit code on the package;
  3. Get the five codes guaranteed for registration and participate in the weekly and main prank!

Guaranteed prize

  • 50 roubles per cell phone for 5 registered codes (without restrictions).

Weekly prizes

  • Chashberry (19 prize);
  • TEFAL Loads (19 prizes);
  • Birthman (19 prizes).

Main prizes

  • Travel;
  • iPhone 6S;
  • A refrigerator with an annual stock of products.
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