Самые популярные страны для

Popular Recreation Countries

9th place: Montenegro - 3, 18% of requests. The country is not yet a member of the European Union on the adriatic coast of the Balkan peninsula, so it can allow Russians to enter for up to 30 days.

Saint Stefan Island, Montenegro

8th place: Bulgaria - 3.81 per cent of requests. A country that has enjoyed the great popularity of our fellow citizens since the Soviet Union, in 2014 continues to attract summer recreationists on the Black Sea. It should be borne in mind that Bulgaria is a member of the EEC, so it is not possible to enter the visa without a visa.

Golden Sand Curoror in Bulgaria

7th place: Thailand - 4.04 per cent of requests. Thailand, despite its recent military situation, does not scare the Russians and continues to be a stable host of recreational countries. Without a visa, you can enter the country for a month.

Phi-Phi-Don Island, Thailand

6th place: Cyprus 4.7 per cent of requests. In order to reach the island in the Mediterranean Sea, a visa would have to be issued, as Cyprus was a member of the European Union.


5th place: Italy - 5, 12%. Despite the fact that the Ambassador of Italy to Russia, Chezar Ragalini, had recently stated that Italy was in favour of the abolition of visas with Russia, no entry into the country without the Schengen visa was made this summer.

Toscan, Italy

4th place: Spain 5, 27 per cent of requests. The Schengen visa is also needed to enter Spain.

Cafedral Sobors in Spain

3rd place: Greece - 8.5 per cent of requests. Greece in 2014 is the most popular European Rest country Rossian, although not a visa, needs a Schengen visa to enter Greece.

Athens, Greece

2nd place: Egypt 13.5 per cent. In this African country, the homeland of Cleopatra and pyramid, the visa is formally required, but it is not necessary to be processed in advance, as the visa can be obtained upon arrival in Egypt.

Premier Le Reve Hotel " Spa in Jurgad (Egypt)

1st place: Turkey: 26.62 per cent. Geographical proximity, excellent climate and invisibility (to a country without a visa for two months) make Turkey the most popular recreational place in 2014.

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