кипр фото пляжей


Rest in Cyprus is a fascinating journey to the homeland of the love goddess of Aphrodite, living in comfort hotels, bathing in the warm sea, enjoying soft climate, engaging in diving, visiting clubs and parks, and enjoying the local kitchen, which has placed the best of Mediterranean cooking traditions. Except all benefits listed CyprusI should like to point out that there are no dangerous insects and marine predators on the island, water can be drinking without fear, and the Cypriots themselves are the very kind, hospitality people.

It's easy to buy a tour on Cyprus at a profitable price by turning to SUNMAR! The tourists have an excellent opportunity to enjoy the bathing in the warm sea, comfortable recreation on clean beaches, many of which are marked by the honourable Blue Flag, as well as acquaintance with the rich history of Cyprus, with its antique and medieval monuments. Moreover, the bet on Cyprus is not necessarily long leave, it is pleasant and comfortable to have regular holidays or holidays. The SUNMAR tours in Cyprus are options for family recreation with children, for romantic couples and large youth companies, and a wide range of guided tour programmes!

Cyprus with SUNMAR is:

  • Quality controlled at each stage of the tourism product;
  • Rest on Cyprus ' best resorts at favourable prices;
  • A wide range of proposals for different categories of tourists;
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