отдых на море одежда

Sea Rest Clothing

For many years of summer holidays and leaves, it is inherent to rest somewhere on the coast of the warm sea. Such a journey can be both on the southern seas of our country and abroad, depending on the human preferences and financial possibilities. But if rest is planned for at least a week, it is often a real disaster - trying to provide for any small-scale possible situation, many take many completely unnecessary things. Not only do they take the suitcases, making the journey very arduous, but they also simply take the place of truly necessary items that a man may not take because of it.

The same situation applies to the collection of necessary clothing for recreation at sea. Even in the anecdots, there are situations where a super caring and prudent wife puts a warm sweater in her husband's suitcases while forgetting about swimming. In order to avoid such comic situations as may be likely to obscure summer leave, careful consideration must be given, What kind of clothes? to rest on the sea should be taken with them, and what should be said?

One of the main elements of the sea rest clothing for a woman is, of course, a swimsuit. Everyone knows they're two types open and closed. Now, the wisdom and experience of the dormitory suggest that two sets of this beach arrangement be taken, one open (if the woman wears it) and the other closed. The latter would be very helpful if a woman, because of her intransigence, would burn in the sun. In this case, it will be necessary either to sit in the hotel room for a few days (which is not very fun, especially when travelling for a week, e.g. by having a swimming pool at night, or by protecting a large body with a closed bathing suite, and by lubricating shoulders to do what they came to swim at sea.

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