Что нужно брать в поход

The Tourist's Memory That Needs To Be Taken

Your Tour starts at the airport three hours before your flight time airline! Before you go to the airport, make sure you get the whole package of documents:
♪ Border passports of all travellers
• Aviabilets
♪ Travellers (waucers)
♪ Bank certificates for currency removal (if more than $1,000 per person)
♪ Driver ' s rights (if you plan to take cars)
♪ Trust from both parents (for children leaving without parents)
The name of the city and the hotel you're going to (if not the tour) should be clearly known.
Russian citizens have a visa-free entry into the country, and passport stamps are free of charge if a tourist voucher is available.


Flight range from Moscow to a/p. The monastyre is four hours and 15 minutes.

Customs rules

Alcohol beverages are allowed up to 25 degrees-2 litre, over 25 degrees-1 litre, cigarettes 20 packs. Items and objects imported in a quantity of goods shall be seized. It is categorically prohibited to import weapons and drugs, as well as fake money. When leaving the plane, the stewardesses shall distribute each registration card to be completed for Customs control.
Everything that has been acquired in Tunisia, such as carpets, keramics, leather, souvenirs, etc., can be freely exported. The removal of antiques acquired from hand, not from an antique store, is prohibited.

We inform you that, as of 13 May 2014, Government Decision No. 398 of 29 April 2014 on the recognition of the invalidity of paragraph 7 of the Government of the Russian Federation Decision No. 866 of 31 December 2005 on the labelling of alcohol products by excise stamps is in force. Consequently, the import of any alcoholic material into the Russian Federation from abroad is prohibited. The exception would be alcohol products purchased at airports at Duty Free duty-free stores.

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