Что взять в Турцию

To Take A Vacation

Every time we're going to rest, we're facing a dilemma, not forgetting what's necessary, necessary, pleasant, but not getting redundant. This article will help you with this difficult task. It lists the things you need on vacation.
By examining the location of the forthcoming rest, you will be able to make it more meaningful and rich. Print and take it with you. cards and launchersthat will make it easier for you to focus on the ground. Take the places you want to visit.

Documents and money are treated as obvious items, and it is often questioned what currency to take with them in Crimea? It can be noted here that in Crimea, both dollars, euros and mushrooms can be transported, and you can always change them in your shirts. In addition to cash, it is possible Take it with you. Payments or credit cards, but it must be taken into account that Visa cards are not currently in the territory of Crimea, the Mastercard maps provide contradictory information. TR100 payroll cards are in operation.

Clothing and toiletries♪ For summer rest in Crimea, easy clothes are mandatory for the sea - shirts, shorts, beach slips, bathing suits, head cleaners, sun glasses. If you're planning a more active vacation, a sightseeing, a walk around the mountain, take some easy shoes. The warmth is likely to be unsuitable in the summer, but in any case, you can take a sports suit or a paita if, for example, you're planning a night sat by the sea. Wet napkins are an integral part of any journey. They are suitable for hand disinfection, for the removal of contamination on clothing, without the necessary conditions. They'll be particularly valuable for those who travel with children.

The camera. Rest always abundant moments that I want to keep, for myself, for my family, for friends. If you're not going to send photomasters' exhibits your pictures, it's easy to handle the digital amateur camera. It's important that you have nice memories. Don't forget the charger or the spare batteries!

Books, magazines. What rest without a relaxing love affair or a fascinating adventure, or a serious detective, or immortal classics, or a stunning fantasy, would give you a book. She'll help you make time on a plane, train or station. ♪

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