Что взять в отпуск на море с

To Take A Vacation At Sea

As we look forward to resting on the shore of the warm sea, we need to think for a minute about what needs to be taken with us so that the rest is not ruined, but passes smoothly, fun, comfortable. Councils like "twice less things and twice as much money" certainly work, but each of us is used to our things and things, which are more convenient and unlikely to replace the purchased. I don't know where to find them in a foreign country when they're needed right after they arrive at the hotel or at the location of your vacation.

Of course not. Take it with you. There's too many things, 'cause summer's more about to get naked, saving from the heat than dressing, but changing laundry, t-shirts, pants, shorts, socks, etc. should be. I don't think you'll be interested in washing your things every day for a trip of "good."

A comfortable journey is a well-organized trip, well-designed to small, and if you have time for that, you'll have enough time to collect.

♪ Take some uncomfortable things to the road and to rest, light open shoes, these are sandalsa, stack shoes and beach caps, the first for a hotel restaurant, the second for the beach, the tours and the shower, if you don't like the way you clean up the room.

♪ Things are better to pick up the visuals, they're smaller in the suitcase, bag, on the trip, not so fast, and they're easily plucked and dry faster.

♪ You'll have to take the head cleaner, which you're most comfortable and well vented, so the sun won't wait until you find a way to protect yourself from him, and a heat strike can be cowardly. Recovery after overheating may last several days and leave will be unreliable.

♪ Bullshit, the float should be chosen in advance, because it's gonna take you straight to the sea or the ocean. You better have a spare kit. Try to find information or feedback on the nature of the beach where you're going. In Croatia and Montenegro, for example, all beaches are stones and enter and leave at sea with beans and uncomfortable and dangerous because of seawear. That's why it's plastic sandals. They're swimming.

♪ Several T-shirts for men, couples of cowards, four to five pairs of socks, trousers, jeans, short sleeves will decide to look decent and feel comfortable anywhere, on the beach, the tour, the hotel restaurant, at the café at any time of the day. If the holiday is at the end of the summer, there will be no light sweater, Jemper, bulletproof or cardigan.

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