Что взять с собой в отпуск

To Take On Vacation

pic_1.jpgThe leave application is already written, and all dreams are looking for warm edges. Rest may be different, but still rest in the southern countries on the coast of the sea is always the most relaxing, sun-burning and energy-charged and healthy together with a good mood.

After choosing a place to rest and buy tickets, it's important to think seriously what to take with you to always fit the situation, to look great, to feel comfortable, and not to exceed the allowed weight of baggage. Even those who consider themselves to be travellers often take a lot of extra money. As a result, a place in a suitcase that could be occupied by new pleasant purchases and souvenirs has been filled with several pairs of unnecessary shoes and uncomfortable dresses. The first rule of travel fees is to sensiblely assess the format of planned rest. There are, of course, very secular travels to the south, when at night, a little black tie is required, but a lot of rest at sea implies a relaxed environment and a corresponding wardrobe. Which means that things should be light, not squeezing motions, comfort materials and positive colors. Anyway, the vacation wardrobe has to get really happy and careless. Now is the time to go shopping to replenish summer harbor because almost all the stores already offer substantial discounts to the spring-cell collection.

To look stylish and to feel good and moral and physical, which means really resting, I suggest you focus on some points when you start packing a suitcase:

  • Forget about high heels and narrow shoes! In warm countries, it's common to be an active time and a lot of walks, and the heat of the legs is fast. Under such conditions, shoes on high heels or with a narrow nose will be a real pain. One or two beans on the heels or platform, but no more. It's better to draw attention to sandals of fine shapes, textile espadrilias or beach Vietnamese. There's gonna be a " breathing" in that shoes, and if there's no heels of the receptacle, they'll thank you.
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