Что взять с собой на море для

To Take The Sea

22zxzxzOften we're going on vacation at sea, we're taking huge suitcases. I want to take the necessary lightning, and it doesn't fit. Besides, not a lot of ladies would agree to spend only one swimsuit, leave the house with a nice badass, take only comfortable things. What a rest without a lot of dress! But if you'd like to rest comfortably, you'd have to limit yourself to home so that you don't interfere with yourself on the beach. Let's go check the perfect suitcase together. Alka Mine can also be ordered here.

1. Despite the prevailing view that there's only one purchase suit to take, we recommend taking 2. Why? In one, open, you'll be tanning, and in the other, with a closed phase, you'll walk at sea tonight.

2. A perfect addition to a swimsuit that doesn't take a lot of places, a ferry. This lung handkerchief will protect your shoulders from sunlight, become an interesting tip or an original skirt to fill your seal. If there's no password, we can take the beach tunic.

3. From the shoes, we take high heels, sandals and mocasses.

4. So we're going to pick up some outfit options. To the mocasins, light pants and sleeveless shirts, to the sandals of two pairs of shorts and two T-shirts, one sarafan and one cocktail dress, and for the Vietnamese we got two swims.

5. To protect yourself from a cold breeze, take a long sleeve or light jacket on a trip.

6. Those who, apart from the sea, want to, for example, climb the mountains, just need a sports suit and a couple of strong sneakers.

7. As for jewelry and cosmetics. All you need to do is take what you can't make make. Shampooni, soap and shower helium are in hotel rooms. Fen can also be left at home, and here are the vaccinators or haircuts better take with you.

8. If you like head cleaners, you can take a hat, a hat or a hat or a handkerchief. We also recommend the selection of something listed for sea crossings to protect a person and hair from UV radiation.

9. Going back to the cosmetics, we need to take the spray for both the sun and the burns. If you have enough money, you can buy all this in local stores or order a hotel.

10. Now, about bags. A clutch for evening walks, a big beach bag for sea trips, an active rest, a big bag or a backpack.

11. Don't forget to take a few sets of underwear, medication and prescriptions to them if you're suffering from any disease, epilate and good mood!

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