Что взять в Египет на отдых?

What To Get Into The Egyptians

What might be needed by a tourist to rest and what things should be taken to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The details of the purchase of burning tours in Egypt are here.

Collect a set of documents:
- Border passport (to be effective within two months after the end of the journey).
♪ Insurance policy (extrade tour operator).
♪ Aircraft tickets (tour operator)
♪ Wauchers.
♪ A pen to fill out the entry card.
♪ Visits and notebooks.

Egyptian visa You get it after you arrive at the airport. She's sticking you in a passport, the cost of a $15 visa, it's one-time for up to one month. The fees are not collected from children under the age of 12 who are included in the parent ' s passport. The duration of the visa is one month, multiple visas are issued to the Egyptian Embassy.

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When collecting a suitcase and handrails before leaving for Egypt, you will take into account that the restriction on the weight of a suitcase is 25 kg, a handful of 5 kg per person. You won't be able to take a manicure kit and any liquid of more than 100 ml., the exception is beverages and parfumeria from Duty Free packed in special packages. No package integrity is allowed.

♪ Fresh breathing pills and chewing rubber.
♪ Aspirin
Bactericid, binth and wet napkins.
♪ Analgin
♪ But...
♪ Something from stomach disorder, activated carbon.

♪ Means before and after sunset, special gel to wash hands without water.
♪ Levomitine and repelent for insects.

The Egyptian pound is approximately 5, 5 roubles or 1 USD = 6 pounds. You may not buy a local currency, because the dollar has a common yardstick as the second. National currency of Egypt

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