Туристическая аптечка

What To Take On A Vacation

Аптечка в дорогу: советы врача

What kind of medication to take rest.


The best way to protect yourself and your family from recreational pain is to take a personal doctor with me. It's not expensive, it's very expensive. So, getting ready for the unpleasant surprises that can give you summer leave will have to be prepared. But it's not that scary - if you're properly prepared.

In order for the vacation to go smoothly and not to be disrupted by unforeseen complications, the following are necessary:

  • a simplest algorithm in emergency and not very situations,
  • insurance policy,
  • A little pharmacy,
  • It's fast-tracking in a place that's very easy to replace a banal caution.

So we'll run fast on the article points, get the phone numbers on the cell phone and put a little kit in the suitcase. Start?

Local medical assistance

Even in the deaf Italian village, the most beautiful cars are microbuses and jeeps with Misericordia, which means "Aids." And this ambulance will certainly come if there's two things under hand, a phone to call and address the location you're at the moment. The address will have to find out for yourself, and now you can easily find a phone number in a remote country on the front page. And the virtues and the cherry restaurants can be read and then.

The ambulance comes to any case, but it's better to call it on emergency grounds, requiring immediate admission to the hospital - loss of consciousness or satellite consciousness, severe trauma or inaccurate vomit. If it's a little easier, it's better to talk to a local practitioner.

During the tourist season, doctors work without handing their hands. The number of potential patients for whom insurance campaigns are correctly paid increases once. Who's gonna refuse that kind of money? As soon as this doctor finds and how to contact him, it's a big question.

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