Что с собой взять в Тайланд из

What To Take To Thailand

That's what I want to say in answer to that question. But I don't think it's gonna be enough, so we'll figure out:

Thailand is a civilized country!

Inexperienced tourists, who are the first time abroad or in Thailand, are always wondering, "What do you want?" Looking at tourists at the airport on arrival, I'd like to ask you a question, "You've moved to Thailand at all?" So Thailand is a civilized country with hypermarkets, supermarkets, just shops and markets, and you don't need to take extra things with you. For example, the popular Pattya resort with an informal population of 300-350,000 has at least 10 large hypermarkets and shopping centres in different parts of the city. A major trading centre is about the size of Ashan or Mega or any other trading centre in Moscow. Can your city brag about that number of shopping centres?

We need to take care of ourselves. mandatory:

  • A cure you can't live without. Don't put the whole house kit in the backpack!
  • Copies of documents. A copy of a passport (border and civilian) is never superfluous. If you lose your passport, you'll get rid of your headache. A copy of the medical insurance.
  • Mobile phone, camera and charge. Don't forget the memory cards, you can buy them on the spot, but if there's a way to take them in advance.
  • Money. There's a place in Thailand to leave them without regret.
  • A pen. When filling out registration forms, very often pens are short and you're losing time waiting for free.

It is recommended that:

  • Couple or swim.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Women are the usual and necessary cosmetics!
  • If you smoke cigarettes, because they're much more expensive in Thailand.
  • Since the flight is long enough, it might make sense to take the airbag on the plane.

Don't take it.

Jewelry. Why are they on vacation? Thailand was a very calm country in terms of crime, but the resort had always attracted a different kind of criminal element that specialized exclusively in tourists. Before you put another warm sweater or a hat in the bag, think about it. I mean, it's much easier to come to Thailand with a wrap bag, and if you want to leave with the luggage, it's not very good. Schleptians, T-shirts, all this kit will cost you 500-600 roubles, in the nearest hypermarket you can visit right after you're in the hotel, so the shampoos, air-conditioners, phens, and so leave the houses. You'll find Fen at the hotel, shampoo, you'll buy a toothpaste at the nearest 7Eleven store. I wouldn't even take a toothbrush. You'll be able to buy it right after you arrive, for 15 bats. (1 baht = 1 rub) You'll find a sunscreen as well at 7Eleven.

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