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What You Need To Take At Sea

I've rested on the Dead Sea twice. Once in Israel, another time in Jordan. I've never had any trouble. Unless you decide to swim on a city beach where there's no soul on it, be prepared for the skin to be exposed to salt. So swim better at the beach in the hotels.


I think it's not a secret for anyone, that's the most important thing you need. Take your rest. - it's money. Also take the beach, you must have a swimming slip. And there's a short time in the water, because you can make an irritation.


Anya, most importantly take a bottle of water to the beach with you, ordinary drinking water. It's gonna be your insurance for a sea water strike. In the Dead Sea, the water is extremely salty, with the crazy concentration, and it's starving with terrible force. But if you clean the eyes of fresh water immediately, everything will be fine. I had such a nasty story in Jordan when I left the sea almost blind. Some kind soul found, gave me a bottle of water, I washed. So keep in mind. Buying in the dead sea, making sure no drop gets in the eye. What else to take with you. Of course, more money! For fun.


Like any other vacation, it's best to draw up a list of necessary things in advance so as not to forget something important, even if it's such an inconvenience, it's all possible to get. ♪ ♪

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