Where To Go To Rest

Толпы на пляже в Амальфи, Италия

Find out when a bunch of people on the beaches of Spain and Turkey, where the summer heat is hell and how not to double the tickets.

Short of the main:


It's expensive to fly.

Everyone knows to travel late autumn and winter cheaper than summer.Если жарко даже верблюдам, то каково будет вам? Skaiskaner's statistics confirm that the cheapest months to travel from Russia are February and November, and the most expensive is August.

The leave won't hit the pocket if you choose a low season and buy tickets for six months. But it's not always possible to plan a trip in advance and freely choose dates.Тропический ураган Often, work does not make it possible to get ahead of schedule, bosses only leave summer or rest are tied to school holidays, and then they have to go to sea at the top.

Out of the Rosians ' favoured directions, except in Asia in the summer of the low season: the weather is crispy, tickets and housing are cheap. For most popular resorts, June-August is the hottest tourist time, and prices rise as high as the thermometer column. But the cost of airline tickets will vary even within the " high season " , so we can save in summer.

How to save it if it's summer.

Don't break up on summer trips, book air tickets 29 weeks before the trip.

If it was not possible to buy summer tickets in January, give yourself a new deadline: after the marking of " 2 months prior to departure " , prices tend to grow only.

Making a journey, Avoid flights in August, weekends and first few months♪ At that time, fixed-wing aircraft are flying overloads and airlines, without reducing prices.

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