Где отдыхать на Кипре

Where To Rest On The Kippra

At first, in Cyprus, Afrodita was shore from the sea foam (also there are more frivolous legends about its appearance), then at the opposite end of the island, in Famagusta, several millenniums later, Otello strangled Desedemon. These two things will necessarily tell you on the tour in Cyprus, although neither the first case nor the second show the beauty of rest in Cyprus. There's a beauty, there's nothing to doubt.

First, Cyprus is in the warmest, eastern and Mediterranean part of the Mediterranean, the bathing season begins in early May and lasts at times until the end of November.

Second, when there's no swimming season, there's a beautiful recreational weather when the warm, solar and salt sea air. A couple of months, there's even a way to roll on the mountain skis on the hills of Troods. So no. Turkish Cypriots There's no one day in the year.

The best beaches are located on the south-eastern coast of Aya Napa, Protaras, although on the most populous coast, Limassol and Larnaca, full of great hotels and good beaches. “Afrodite” Cyprus is a mountainous coast of the western part of the island, and it is very vibrant and the most transparent water on the island.

In Cyprus, two equivalent languages, Greek and English, English left-hand traffic (be careful, traveling in a rental car or even crossing the street!) and a completely Greek way of life, the variation of the Sirtaki is not silent from all the car magnetols, and the Cyprus cuisine is not exactly the same as Greek.

When he heard the word “Cyprus”, most tourists who had already rested on the island would smile blissfully. You know, rest in Cyprus gives me wonderful memories. There's a pleasant soft climate, adorable sequential beaches, hotel services and a mass of natural and architectural sights. Thanks to all this, the resorts of Cyprus have been very popular with tourists.

The Republic of Cyprus is an island State that officially occupies almost entirely Cyprus and the surrounding smaller islands. But, in fact, only 60 per cent of the territory is controlled by the Government of the Republic (mostly Greek), 2 per cent are occupied by the British Armed Forces, the rest is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, where most Turks live.

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