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Territory: 207,600 square kilometres
Population: 10,197 persons
capital: Minsk.

Belarus is in the Central European Temporary Belt: GMT+2 hours. When in Belarus at noon, in Paris at 11:00, in London at 10:00, in New York at 5:00, in Los Angeles at 2:00, in Moscow at 1:00.
Currency: Belarusian shirt.
Language: State languages - Belarusian, Russian.
Useful information:

Belarus is a painting country with a rich history and culture. It has long been famous for a remarkable nature, ancient castles, old sludges, churches, temples and crutches. Belarus is located in the geographical centre of Europe, a profitable crossroad that has been built between the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea and the eastern lands to the western. Belarus is one of the few places in Europe where untouched nature can be seen: the largest areas of ancient forests, unique landscapes, rare species of animals and plants. The names of the parks and preserves speak for themselves - the Belovez Push, the Braslav lakes, the Berezin Reserve. And every corner of Belarus will penetrate the spirit of a centuries-old culture that has left us the most beautiful architectural monuments.

The Republic of Belarus is located in the central part of Eastern Europe, in the western part of the Eastern European plains. Bounded north-west with Lithuania, north with Latvia, north-east and east with Russia, south with Ukraine, west with Poland (a total border length of about 2969 km). The country has no access to the sea. The total area of the country is 207, 6,000 square kilometres.

The public road network reaches 51,547 km (32,219 miles), most of which are solid roads.
The fee is charged to all vehicles entering Belarus or transiting Belarus (except passenger non-transit vehicles). The value ranges from $20 to $155. In addition, you will need to complete a customs declaration with your vehicle data and to purchase a car insurance (separately from medical). Very few foreign insurance companies have... ♪

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