Экскурсии во Вьетнаме

A Vietnamese Tourist

The traveler can take dutylessly:

  • up to 1, 5 l of alcoholic beverages above 22 degrees
  • up to 2 litres of alcoholic beverages below 22 degrees
  • up to 3 l beer,
  • up to 400 cigarettes and papiros, 100 cigars, 500 gill tobacco,
  • 5 kg tea, 3 kg coffee.

Currency removals of up to $7,000 and 10 million Vietnamese dongs are permitted. The export of a currency exceeding that amount requires special authorization from the State of the PDS. The importation of telegraphic and telephonic equipment, all types of highly active chemicals, poisons, documents, sculptures, books, newspapers, magazines, etc., whose contents are directed against the political, economic and public security of the PDS and are detrimental to culture and morals; substances that pose a threat to sanitary well-being; Saharans. The export of substances dangerous to sanitary well-being; valuable animal species, products of animal valuables (solar bone, turtle pancier, tigers); old-fashion, paintings, documents, printed products related to the revolutionary past and the arts culture of the PDS; precious metals, stones, pearls, diamonds and products from them, securities;

Frequency of shops, banks, museums

Time for shops, from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 5:30. Banks and public institutions are open from 08.30 to 17.00, the ATMs operate 24 hours a day. Saturday and Sunday are official holidays.

Useful telephone numbers

Police 113, fire service 114, ambulance 115, telephone number 116.

Money, exchange of currencies

Exchange of currencies can be effected at banks or exchange points, as well as in the market. The exchange of currencies in the market should be very careful, as there is a risk of meeting fraudsters. In the major cities of the country, United States dollars, euros, yuan and bats are being paid. Tourism checks can be cashed in a bank. Credit cards that are used in large hotels, restaurants and shops are quite common. Only local currency is issued in the ATMs located in the country ' s trade points.

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