Туры в Австрию из Краснодара

Austrian Tourist Memory

Discharge information: you need to be at the airport two hours before leaving. You run your own passport, customs, and registration for a flight that ends 40 minutes before leaving. The standards of free baggage from different airlines can vary. Please specify the rules for the carriage of baggage from the airline that is on your flight.

Time: Less from Moscow by 3 hours (at 2 hours in summer time)

Flight time: 3 hours

Customs: A Schengen visa is needed to enter Austria. The deadline is 7 days. Airport charges are generally included in the cost of the ticket. Duty-free import: 200 sts of cigarettes or 50 cigars, or 250 g of tobacco, 2 litres of wine, solid alcoholic beverages (more than 22%) 1 l, 50 ml of perfume or 250 ml of toilet water. It is possible to import gifts or other goods up to Euro235. The export without special permission of objects and objects of historical or artistic value, drugs, weapons, gold in slits and some medicines is prohibited. The import and export of foreign currency is not limited. Tourists need no vaccination certificate. A veterinary certificate (host of vaccinations) is required for the import of domestic animals.

Useful phones:
Embassy of the Russian Federation in Vienna (43-1) 713-1215, 712-1229, 712-3233
Consulate General in Salzburg (43-662) 62-4184
Emergency assistance 144

Communications: For telephone negotiations, it is convenient to use cards that are sold in subways, tobacco kiosks, in the mail. If a telephone is used in Austria, " 0 " is added.
Call from Russia to Austria: (8-10) 43+code (without " 0 " ) of the city; from Austria to Russia: 007+code of the city+nomer of the subscriber. The major cities: Vienna 1, Salzburg 662, Innsbrook 512, Linz 732, Graz 316. On weekends and holidays and in the afternoons of 18:00 to 8:00, international calls are cheaper than about 1/3. Main posters work 24 hours a day, no weekends.

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