Памятка туриста: прелести

Brasilia Tourist

Discharge information: you need to be at the airport two hours before leaving. You run your own passport, customs, and registration for a flight that ends 40 minutes before leaving. The standards of free baggage from different airlines can vary. Please specify the rules for the carriage of baggage from the airline that is on your flight.

Time: 5-8 hours from Moscow. The time is officially calculated in Brazil (from Moscow to 7 hours).

Customs: The imported video, film and audio equipment of non-Brazilian production is taxed. One of the following items is allowed duty-free: radio receiver, player, video camera, business note with computer memory. The import of drugs, firearms, ammunition, medicines and radioactive materials is prohibited. Foreign currency imports are not limited (described), national imports are limited. Exports of imported foreign currency, less expenses in the country, are permitted under the licence of the Brazilian CB.

Hotel accommodation: You should be transferred to the reception of the tourist voucher included in the package. Departure information: Estimated hour at the hotel 12:00. You can leave your bags in the hotel storage room. You need to pay for additional services before the bus arrives. In order to avoid various complications, please not be late and approach the venue at that time. All additional services (mini bar, telephone, etc.) are therefore requested to be paid in advance. Customs control of baggage is carried out upon arrival at the airport. Next, you follow the registration counter, where your flight number is indicated, take the baggage and get the landing ticket. Then you pass the passport control. Going to the flight hall where you're waiting for an announcement to land your flight.

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