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Bus Tour Guide

Distinguished tourists, we are pleased that you have availed yourself of the services of the Fortune GS, and we hope that the information below will be useful to you.

One can take: a small pillow under the head; a booth; an electrical apparatus (fen, razor, utug); a camera (videocamera).

Don't take it. - More than one pack of cigarettes, more than one litre of fast alcoholic beverages and two litres of wine. No more than 1 litre of any alcoholic beverages may be imported from Poland to Belarus. Goods over $2,000.

Bus: Your place on the bus will be indicated when your passports are issued. We kindly ask you to board the bus quickly and in order. There is a bottleneck on the bus whose capacity is limited (about 5 litres). In order to avoid the injury, the boiler is distributed by a hyd. Biotulet is permitted only during the bus. Biotualette capacity is limited, so it is used only when necessary. During the parking period, use fixed toilets. It is prohibited to throw any objects into the biotuaylet, for which there is a special container.

During the journey, the bus makes technical stops every 3-4 hours, the duration of which is regulated by international regulations (15min-1 hour) and is controlled by the tachograph.

You can't walk the salon without need. Don't distract drivers when you move. All your questions will be decided by the team leader. The bus chairs roll back. There are redheads down there. During the parking period, the chair must be returned to the original position, with the accumulated debris. Smoking on a bus is strictly prohibited. Before we send the bus from every parking lot, we ask you to take your seat by freeing the passage through the salon. This will allow the head of the group to be more quickly seen in the presence of all tourists and speed up delivery.

Team Leader: The travel firm is represented by the team leader. It is empowered to deal with all administrative and organizational matters in accordance with the official instruction.

On Granica: Passports, authorizations for the removal of minor children, birth certificate confirming kinship, authorization for the export of currency and other documents are required during the border. The passport covers should be removed, there's nothing in the passport.

When border and customs control passes, behave safely, confidently and with delay. Answer the questions straight and clear, don't try to joke, don't argue. Remember, the purpose of your trip is TURISM. Other interpretations may be misinterpreted and may lead to your deportation from the country. Picture photos and video films on the border are categorically prohibited!

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