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How not to fight a bear.

Yaroslav MELNIK, Kampcha province

Gribs, berries, fishermen, volcanoes... As a matter of nature, the people and guests of Kampchatka are at risk of meeting the owner of the place, the bear. In August, the risk was underestimated by a French woman who came over the mountains with friends. Despite the many injuries, she was happy to survive, but that's not how much it takes. Given the increase in the number of tourists who are increasingly choosing the peninsula because of a comfortable rubber, the problem has been taken care of by the edge enthusiasts.
Particularly dangerous

Camchaic cosola is one of the biggest predatory mammals in the world. There are bears everywhere in the peninsula. Last count, they're over 20,000 people. The average weight of a male was about 450 kg, although there was an incident, hunters met seven pounds. With this load, local bears are pretty. It is not just beasts, but the symbol of the region: to look at them in wildlife or to hunt hundreds of tourists, including foreigners, every year.

However, the 29-year-old Marten Nastasia Amanda Flora had other plans: she traveled to the volcano with Russian friends. A group of three people started the last resurrection in the program, the Plo Tolbachik. The French woman went ahead, didn't notice how she got off the satellites, and suddenly, she ran into a bear after the bush. As the hunters say now, a woman probably accidentally frightened a cosop, the first reaction of the predator is protection. He bite a tourist over his head. It's so fast that the friends who helped him didn't see him. Fortunately, the tourist survived, but was hospitalized in a difficult state with a fractured jaw, a broken face and a concussion. The doctors did a few operations, and soon the French will go home, but for years, they will heal the wounds after the ranch with the owner of the Camchatka. ♪ ♪

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