Путешествие по Галисии

Cuba Tourist Memorial

Many tourists from all over the world attract Cuba, a distant and incredibly beautiful State located in the north of the Caribbean Sea. It is recommended that some of the features of the State that need to be rested before resting.

1. So, planning a visit to Cuba, it is important to know that the flight to one of the major cities of this State (Havana, Waradero) takes an average of 12 to 13 hours (if travelling from Moscow or St. Petersburg). Accordingly, such a long flight should be prepared in depth: spare the entertainment materials (books, magazines, planchettes, etc.), take the shores, wet creams, medicinals, necessary medicines, wear comfortable shoes and socks (to be able to remove the footwear on the plane).

The 12-hour flight is very difficult to carry, so it's better to be registered as soon as possible to get as comfortable as possible in the airplane.

2. There are two official currencies in Cuba, but only one convertible Cuban peso CUC (or kook) is of interest to the tourist. In Cuba, money should be borrowed in euros, which should then be converted to local currency. Money can be traded at the airport on arrival, at the hotel, banks or exchange points. In addition, international maps (Visa and Mastercard) can be paid in Cuba.

3. As with rest in other foreign States, it is important to seize all documents, border and civilian passports, hotel armours, air tickets, to Cuba. These documents will be very helpful if a traveler loses the original documents in the territory of another State.

4. In Cuba, American pinks are used, i.e., in most cases, a transponder is needed (if the phone, laptop, tablet and other devices are needed). The switch can be taken with it, and you can buy it directly at the rest place. In addition, it should be borne in mind that Cuba has a voltage of between 110 and 220 volts.

5. Moving across the streets of Cuba ' s cities is the most common form of public transport. The cost of travel depends on the city, but it is generally low. In addition, there are special tourist buses in Cuba where all tourists can move.

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