в Японии (памятка туристу)

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Отдых в Японии (памятка туристу)Rest in Japan, in this highly developed and rich ancient country, will fill your baggage with new senses. Japan City are huge and bright glory of colorful lights. Rest in Japan cannot be presented without visiting the capital of this wonderful country. Tokyo is a place where today ' s woeful rhythms are confronted with ancient legs and traditions, which is a worrying madness, balanced Zen temples.

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Many of the Japanese national parks have pedestrian routes. In the outskirts of Tokyo, the national parks of Nikko and Chichibu Tam are most popular for pedestrian tours.Отдых в Японии (памятка туристу) There are also good but remote routes in the Gumma prefecture and the Kansai area near Nara city. In order to see Japan on an unusual side, rarely accessible to foreigners, visit mountainous, small-settled areas of Central Alps. The ski ride is possible from December to April. Most resorts are on Honsy Island, but there are also ski resorts on Hokkaido. On the islands of Okinawa in south-west Japan, submarine swimming is possible. Velocal walks are appropriate in less mountainous areas, but some cyclists go even to Fujiama! Golf is prestigious in Japan. If you have a desire to step on a green lawn, you need a fat wallet and corporate ties. If you play golf, you'll have to pay $100 a day.

Отдых в Японии (памятка туристу) Отдых в Японии (памятка туристу) Отдых в Японии (памятка туристу) Отдых в Японии (памятка туристу)
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