Kazakh Tourist Memorial

  1. Check the following documents:
    • Foreign passport;
    • Witcher;
    • Insurance policy;
    • Air travel;
    • Child trust and birth certificate if necessary.
    We recommend that we take the cartoons of foreign and Russian passports, the birth certificate of the child, if you go along with the child.
  2. Look at your airline and check the airport and the flight time.

On arrival at the airport

  • Check the information on your flight to the information tablo and go to the registration counters whose plate numbers are on the table. If the registration passes, a passport and a ticket will be made.
  • Pass the bags at the registration counter.
  • Get a landing ticket. Pay attention to the exit number and the time to board the plane (in the boarding table, the exit is marked by the word GATE, time TIME).
  • Once registration has been completed and a landing announcement has been announced, it is necessary to enter the relevant areas for international flights.

Flight time

The flight from Almaty is about 7 hours, from Astana about 8 hours.

Upon arrival at Sanya Airport

  1. Upon arrival at Sanya Airport, a passport must be checked (export passport is provided).
  2. Get your luggage. The monitors above baggage ribbons indicate the flight from which the baggage will be delivered on the tape.
  3. Get out of the airport building to the TEZ TOUR representative and get your bus number for the transfer. That's what you call a hotel where you'll rest. The name of the hotel is in your voucher.
    Our representatives are wearing yellow shirts with blue ties and blue pants/skirts.
  4. Go to the parking lot, find the bus you need for the transfer, mark the representative of TEZ TOUR, accompanying the bus, call your last name, put the bags in the trunk of the bus.
  5. Listen carefully to the information that the accompanying (transfer) will report on its way to the hotel. Also accompanying (transfer) will inform you of the time of your meeting with your valiant hyd.
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