Туры и путевки в Египет из

Memorial To The Egyptian Tourist

Your journey to Egypt starts from the airport - you need to be at Domodovo in 3 hours, and to Vnukovo and Sheremievo in 2 hours. You'll have a traveller's office waiting for you to get a package of documents.
Don't forget to take the foreign passport with you, and if your minor child leaves with one of your parents, don't forget to seize documents confirming kinship and trust. If your child is included in your passport without a photograph and has been six years old, a photograph must be inserted.

If all the necessary documents are in your hands, You run your own passport, customs and registration, which ends 40 minutes before leaving.

Documents package:

Foreign passport
insurance policy
Child trust and birth certificate
Bank (over $3,000 per person)
In the area of border crossing, the Russian Federation can contact the RF Border Assistance Fund. Consultations are paid. 208-1108, 208-4730, 923-8360, 208-6679, 208-0624. The flight to Jurgadu and Sharm el-Sheikh is about 4 hours and 30 minutes.
On the plane, you need to fill out an immigration card in English. When you're filled, you're going to ask for help from the stewardess.
When you arrive at the airport, you will be met by a travel operator. At the time of the voucher, you'll get a visa stamp on your passport. After passports and customs formalities, taking your bags and registering if you have a video camera, you, accompanied by a company representative, go on a bus. Listen carefully to the information that the guide will report on the way to the hotel.
Gid will give you a time to meet in the hotel lounge, the infokotail, to provide additional information on Egypt and tour. We caution you against resorting to private tour companies in which hydes have no guided tour certificates.

In the event of loss of a passport, air travel or baggage, we ask you to inform the firm ' s representative immediately of how you can resolve the problem.

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