Туры в Японию от японского

Memorial To The Tourist In Japan

The medieval temples surrounding the latest architectural developments, the multi-layered links of motorways, super-speed trains against the background of the wildlife are striking the imagination of the first time in Japan. There is only one who can leave an indifferent country that, in the past century, has shaken the world with its economic miracle and continues to be surprised by all advances in advanced technology, a country with a wealth of culture and a rich history where ancient traditions are harmoniously combined with modern lifestyles. Japan is satisfied with the expectations and expectations that you attach to seeing her.

The picture among the Russians that everyone speaks English is not entirely correct. Turning to a Japanese on the street with a question in English, you're at risk of not getting an answer. It's not worth considering as a gesture of unwantedness: maybe your interviewer just didn't understand the question. Just in case you'd better get a simple Russian-Japanese talker. Don't try to pay in Japan for goods or services in dollars: only local currency, i.e., yen, can be used. You'll be able to trade your yen dollars in any bank that works every day, except Saturdays and Sundays, until 3:00. On weekends, exchange of currency is possible in the offices of banks located at major hotels and international airports.

Regrettably, the loss of documents by Russian citizens, particularly foreign passports, has recently increased. In this regard, we recommend that copies be made in advance from the passport page where your data are listed and the entry visa is provided to Japan and that they be kept separate from the passport. This will allow you, in the absence of a passport, to deal more quickly with questions relating to the return to Russia and avoid misunderstandings with local authorities.

It should also be noted that neither Russian rights (in the form of plastic cards) nor Russian international driving permits are valid in Japan.

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