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Geography: India is located in southern Asia. The country has a length of 3,214 km from north to south and 2,933 km from west to east. To the south of the peninsula, the Indian Ocean begins to narrow and enters about 1,600 km in the form of a clina, which is being worn by the Bay of Bengal in the east and the Arabian Sea in the west.
Climat: Flexible climate - average temperature +25 - +27 degrees throughout the year. The short period of Mussons is June. Air temperature in summer +24 +33, winter +21 +32.

Time: It's two hours ahead of Moscow.

Capital: Delhi

Language: Hindi and English. Tamili is also spoken in the south

Population: 1 billion 27 million India ranks second from China

Religion: Indusa (80 per cent), Muslim (11%), Christian (2%), Sikh (2%), Jaina, Buddhists, Parsa et al.

Flight time: in New Delhi - 6 hours, in GPA 7, 5 hours

Entry rules - exits: customs duties are not subject to personal use, 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 0, 95 litres of alcoholic beverages. The export of tiger stacks, wild animals and the operation of birds, skins and articles from rare reptiles, living plants, gold and silver in slits, antiquities and olds manufactured more than 100 years ago is prohibited. More than 2,500 USD and laptops should be declared.

Money: Indian rupees. The course of rupees is stable, $1 equals about Rs. 45-48. The Indian rupees are prohibited from importing and leaving the country.

Transport: There are taxi and writers in large cities who are paid by taxi. They don't always have counters, but if the counter is fixed, demand that it be switched on when you land. Taxi prices vary from time to time and therefore do not always correspond to the counter, but the driver must have a copy of the current tariff. Taxi comes with the air conditioner. ♪ ♪

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