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This country of romance, art and culture. France is the largest in Europe, located in the western part of the mainland. Flexible climatic conditions allow travel to the country over a year. Paris and the other cities of France are always beautiful, in the winter and in the rain and under the snow.

The country ' s worth can be listed indefinitely. That is the main benefit of the choice of bus tours: you can see many cities of the country for one train, open up your France, full hope and love.

Busy tours with night moves make it easier to move around the country. France is an amazing country with which it is always so difficult to separate tourists. At the same time, it is almost impossible to force yourself to sit in one place: I want to keep making new discoveries, to visit museums, theatres, natural and architectural monuments.

No bus tour to France from St. Petersburg or Moscow can go without a tour to Paris. This city is perhaps one of the most famous in the world. The streets of Paris are romanced and are an inspirational, inspirational, for artists. All the famous Eiffel Tower, the symbol of the city, the Tüilri and Louvre park, as well as other historic city memoranda, are part of the bus tour programme in Paris. As a bus tour in Paris, you can visit not only France ' s own capital, but also its suburbs, Versal, Fontenblo, Zierney.

Brest, Warsaw, Prague, Paris, Berlin

Tour programme
1 day from MOSKVA to Minsk/Bresta from the Belarusian Station on Train No. 7 (in peak days: holidays, May holidays - possible additional trains). Night on the train.

2nd Arrival to Minsk/Brest. Get on the bus. There's a Belarusian-Poland border. Moving to Warsaw. A walking tour of the Old City with the escorts, the Castle, the Royal Castle, the Sigismund Column, the oldest crutch B...

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