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Geography: The official name is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The State is located in the British Islands and is separated from the mainland Europe by the North Sea, the Pa de Cale and La Mansh Straits. It comprises England, Scotland and Wales, located on the largest island of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland, the northern part of Ireland ' s second largest island. Total territory - 244,820 square kilometres.

Climat: The country ' s climate is determined by the oceans and seas, softness and humidity, it owes Golfstrim. The winter temperature rarely falls below zero, mostly warm in the summer, although rains often occur. Being in the United Kingdom, we need to be prepared for any weather conditions, we must take warm clothes that can protect against the wind and rain.

Time: 3 hours away

Capital: London.

Language: Official English However, some 26 per cent of Wales ' residents use local dialects, and some 60,000 Scottish people speak Scottish.

Population: about 60, 6 million

Religion: Every British citizen has the right to profess his or her religion. Britain is a predominantly Christian country: 10 per cent of the citizens belong to the Roman Catholic Church, and 1.7 million British are the parishes of the English Church, which officially has State status. Scotland has 1 million members of the Presbyterian Church, the Scottish State Church. In Northern Ireland, about half of the population belongs to protesters and almost 40 per cent of the population are Catholic. In Wales, the English Church lost its status as a State in 1920. This means that there is now no official State church, and the most numerous faiths are other Protestant currents.

Flight time: The flight is 4:00 to London.
Rules of entry - exit: The duty-free import of 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco is permitted. 1 l for solid alcoholic beverages (over 22°) or ♪

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