Подготовка к походу в горы

Mountain Tourist Memorial

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Season, weather

The tourist season in northern Zabaykalya is limited to summer months: June, July, August and part of September. There's also May tours, but even in May, we have to take a lot of warm things, which is not very convenient. And in May, tourists don't go far to the mountains.

The weather on the Codar is unpredictable, so we need to be ready for everything, first of all, for rains and huge comas.


Kids are not allowed to go to Kodar tour, and a tourist must be at least 14 years old. You can't take home animals, it's gonna be hard for even trained dogs, and the rest of the tour is likely to be blunt against the animals in the squad. Physical training is very important. The tourist must be ready for a high, long lift with a heavy backpack on his shoulders.

With increased arterial pressure and other anti-indications, it is better not to feel like this. Qualified medical care is simply not available under the weather.


There's only a satellite connection in the mountains, so if you don't have a personal satellite phone, you know, working, family, and other things won't work out.

It's very important to find a backpack. You may be given a backpack in a walk, but he's not gonna make you all right. Ryukzak has to contain all your things plus a spare room for common products. In general, women are given over 5-7 kilograms of food and men 12-13.

Basic personal things that need to be with them:

- sleeping bag;
- tourist carpet;
- 2-3 sweaters;
- Rain;
- A warm hat;
- shoes or tuking shoes;
- lung shoe to move through the camp;
- rubber boots to overcome rivers;

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